Axway GitLab Enterprise

Use the Axway SSO button below to login with your corporate account. The login form should be used only for service users login.

Manage git repositories with fine grained access controls that keep your code secure. Perform code reviews and enhance collaboration with merge requests. Each project can also have an issue tracker and a wiki. Enjoy!

GitLab account managment policy:

  1. All members from R&D Business Units have access by default. Account is created automatically on first login.
  2. Accounts which are not used frequently and whose last login date is more than 1 year ago, will be deactivated (not deleted) to free-up the license.
  3. In case you can't login in GitLab and previously your account was active, open a Jira issue in RDTOOLSSUP project to get your account unblocked.
Axway GitLab Enterprise

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